About Kenneth Cairns

Kenneth Cairns

Hi everyone, I’m Kenneth, the founder of Wood’s Brownie Co. I have spent the majority of my life in the restaurant trade in Edinburgh, I was truly fortunate to work alongside some of Edinburgh’s finest chefs and restaurateurs. My first love has always been people so a career in the service industry was always certain.  The sounds, the tastes and smells, the clatter of a thriving restaurant , the adrenalin rush of a perfect service was and still occasionally is something I adore, more so when it’s a restaurant I’ve created. Wood’s Deli opened it’s doors in 2012 in Juniper Green on the outskirts of Edinburgh and was an immediate hit with the locals. In 2014 I was selected to join The Scottish Seafood Chefs team, representing Scotland in Tsingtao, China.

I moved to Saltaire, Shipley in 2016. 

About Wood’s Brownie Co.

Kenneth in the kitchen

It all began in 2012, Wood’s Deli opened in Juniper Green, Edinburgh. I opened the Deli as a scratch kitchen, where everything was made in house and that included the Brownies. I had been sent many samples from other bakeries and was constantly disappointed so the quest began. To simply make the finest Brownie available anywhere, using only the best ingredients I could find. I evolved the recipe for 12 months until I was happy and another 6 months  until we reached perfection. “ I remember taking the Brownies to the first food show in Glasgow, The Scottish Speciality Food Show and was  bowled over with the response” We literally brought the show to a standstill as it appeared we had set a new standard, we were scouted for Dragon’s Den but decided to build the company organically, and Wood’s Brownie Co was born. 

From those early beginnings and our original 3 flavours we have grown into what many consider to be the finest Belgian Brownie anywhere in the country, indeed now that the orders are coming in from other countries, perhaps considered as the finest Brownie anywhere.

We currently bake 10 flavours of Vegetarian and 8 flavours of Vegan/Sugar free. All our Brownies became Gluten Free in 2017, using Dove Farm’s Gluten Free flour, the fineness of the flour elevated the texture of the Brownies to a whole new level.

In 2016 I the bakery was moved to West Yorkshire, initially due to an abundance of sunshine and an lack of midges, we’re still located in the north of Leeds in the leafy suburb of Alwoodley.