Valencian Orange

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Valencian Orange

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We all adore the flavour of Valencian Oranges, they blend beautifully with our Belgian Chocolate.

Simultaneously Creamy and Zesty, rich and gooey, and topped with Candied Peel.

Our Valencian Orange, served slightly warm and topped with Lemon Curd Ice Cream is an absolute delight and well worth the wait whilst you're making the Ice Cream.

To make Lemon Curd Ice Cream :-

  • either make your own Lemon Curd, however if time is short, shop bought lemon curd works almost as well.
  • Mix the curd with exactly the same amount of Creme Fraiche and pop in the freezer.
  • Every 45 minutes to an hour take the tub from the freezer and stir, make sure to get all the frozen mix from the side of the tub.
  • In almost no time you will have the most delicious home made Ice Cream.

Allergens Egg.